Our goal was to raise $25,000.

With 235 Donors, matching funds from the Patterson Foundation, and the last minute addition of a matching fund challenge grant from The Davis Family Foundation we were able to significantly surpass our goal.

The final numbers are not in yet, and we understand from the Community Foundation that it will take a few weeks before there will be an actual disbursement of funds.  Once they are received we will be in a much better position to meet our obligations and to plan for the future.

We are so grateful to all of you. YOU made the difference!

Ed Linehan, President

The Jazz Club of Sarasota is dedicated to preserving and promoting jazz, America’s original musical art form. Founded in 1980 by the late Hal Davis, the former publicist for Benny Goodman, the Jazz Club has approximately 1,000 members and is growing. This year the Club planned 80 performances in 54 ticketed and free events. The highlight of this year' season was expected to be the 40th Annual Sarasota Jazz Festival scheduled for March 8-14 in 2020.


Photos by Carol LoRicco & others - Click blue photo gallery button below for more photos 

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April 10, 2020

April 10, 2020

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Winter Issue Now Available

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